Scratch is so much fun!
It's really easy easy once you know how. I feel really creative when I am on scratch and when I listen to music the different moods in the music give me different ideas.
Getting the x and y axis is pretty easy but sometimes you have to change the axises till you get it right. One difficult thing is to get the sprite to move. It's hard to get the right blocks in te right place and to get the right number of steps but after a while you begin to get things right.
What I found helpful was my teacher. She always transated the instructions in a much more understandable way. The instruction were very hard and could've been more discriptive.
I want to have a further knowledge of how to get the ''lifes counter'' to count lives properly. I could use things I've learnt from scratch when I do Kahoots in school. Kahoots is a program where you use animation and different scenes and objects to make an ''expression''.Since I've been doing scratch my teacher says I've been doing great Kahoots.
I would like to also learn how to change the colour the sprite.
I,ve made silly programs and educational ones too. (sort of educational) I will DEFINATELY make more projects!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Learn more about this project

Learn more about this project
I had a sheet of homework asking me to find out the largest garden area I could make with 24 metre long bits of timber. That's why I decided to make this. 'This' is to show that a 24 sided polygon produces the largest area. Click the green button to start, watch what happens and then click again for a different surprise. By VanVan!